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Friday, 12 December - link

JenniCam's Breasts

I was almost quoted using the word "tits" about JenniCam in the LA Times, but I was saved by a pair of brackets.

I remembered how I had seen a site from Jenni, before her "cam" site, where she showed close up photos of each of her body parts. She's a long-term, dedicated exhibitionist. She says she's stopping because PayPal is cutting her off. But for a dedicated artiste? She could find other ways to make money. Maybe her soul is tired of sharing skin online. Perhaps it's just a pause, or an attempt to get attention. I wonder what she'll do to express herself next. Remember that time she "stole" her friend's fiance, online?

What crazy times we've lived through! Watch your foot, it's under the leg of my rocking chair. (exerpted from email to maz)

Posted on 12 December 2003 : 17:24 (TrackBack)
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