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it's hard not to love any music most times
if somebody put effort into something, it's worth listenin' to
now it may not be emotionally appropriate, just not where you want to be

they all, bold as love
just ask jimi hendrix

unsure? so I crank up the old Led Zeppelin, and find them mysogynist, the Eurythmics - too poppy, Jane's Addiction is pratically sociopathic, ravel, too genteel, rap not at all genteel, the grateful dead, too much of a hokey commitment.

but they all bold as love

they're all someone's soul - sometime in someone's life they felt that way, and sometimes in my life I feel that way too
we are connected, weehah!

so my only objection is soulessness, and perhaps singlemindedness

My first musical focus was the Eurythmics. I really liked Sweet Dreams and Love is a Stranger, so I bought album after album, of which I recommend touch, sweet dreams, and the 1984 soundtrack.

I started listening to the Police around fifth grade.

Seventh grade, my brother exposed me to Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, the Grateful Dead. I'm grateful for the Dead.

My next major musical influence was Jeeks, he introduced me to Zappa, Monk, Miles.

I picked up Jane's Addiction in high school - I shaved my head and spent $400 on bootlegs.

At Swarthmore, Jerry and Mike listened to a lot of Gangsta Rap. I went to a PFunk concert that made me rethink concertgoing.

October of 1994, my friend April took me to a Nine Inch Nails concert.

electronica covered:

ltj bukem
spring heel jack

My friends in San Francisco enjoy raves and the throbbing beats that accompany it: electronica.

sometimes I dig the self pity trip like the Smiths and Portishead - I try to balance that load.

Howard has introduced me to world music - Ali Farka Toure, Dissidenten, Ali Akbar Kahn, Joe Spence, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Zap MaMa. Listening to all this stuff gave me a premonition:

we're heading into the era of international music. Or at least it seemed that way to me at the time.

that and the blues - I dig on willie mctell, I got to see satan and adam in concert. and ravel would probably been a bluesman if he'd been born black in mississippi around the turn of the century.

jazz covered:

art tatum
duke ellington
thelonious monk

truth be told, it was blues that got me into gospel
now I can't get enough of the lord!

apparently, neither can wesley willis.

I rave about art tatum.

i'm developing a profile of popular album peerage, what folks in my extended circles tend to own or be familiar with:
de la soul's 3 feet high and rising, michael jackson's thriller, beastie boys liscensed to ill/paul's boutique, jane's addiction ritual de lo habitual, nirvana's nevermind, paul simon's graceland, peter gabriel's so, pixies: surfer rosa

muzik links, and eyeneer, of course.

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