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modern daze: vestiges of a solstice (6/22/95)

one am ripped my jack out and hopped pinto style ocean beachward
rumour has it ten freaks and my ex-girlfriend were partying here a long time ago.
nothing but empty campfires and eclectic enclaves remain
with my head buried cowel, I feel a traveller
fire after fire keeps me walkin' the beach sands no circle I yet join
bang the gang, as eloquent as Sunset District Incorporated spelled SDI
tales of tall trippers of two races carrying on, blood
I was on nine hits, and drank a half a keg of beer and that motherfucker was in my house
I hit Phil from SDI, man, I got props.
R and R - baby that means reap and respect
it's all about it, sez Crazy E, leanin' towards me
progress arrested by unclaimed wood light
I ain't got no pockets, blood, Shawn has lost some acid
Tom combs the sand with a fork
Crazy E - Eric continues the bloody narrative -
It's all from japan man, that karate shit,
I have some lethal power
like 357 to the chest, "date this" cuz yo bitch hit on me, and it's all that
his body ends up in the bay.
vestiges of a solstice
tales of a half-naked blue feathered lady tending our abandoned beach fire
they thought we were one of them
I was, I had to leave the rollers and the packers
for a group large enough to approach
low slow lub dub and baby cry
some jock-type strums a single chord
dreadlocks is trying to lead us in moan.
no drum avails, but hands, and throat, my plus registers low
as we struggle for a group beat
a mystical mexican can't stop fucking with the fire
spraying hippy chicks with sparks and ashes
he wears a no bullshit hat feather adorned
and tells the most rambling campfire tale
prarie stick with eagle feather
travellers from all directions
ten minutes and we jump to the center of the universe for him, his point
meandering makes me restless
ending tending someone else's embers with a wine bottle
laying sleep on the beach
I wanted my journal to fire smell
so I left it in the smoke path
back when the sun was up
I heard tell of a beachfront rave type dance gathering
I flee the sand for hours in a car
pacing the Presidio, being followed by MPs
I phone the secret number for directions
when they are available, arrival, the cops have interdicted abandon
I follow a swerving toyota wending way ocean beach return
beach core, trail of trippers, three exstacy pukers
they can't keep down water and they can't talk
except flashy trashy high school bum asking me for drugs
not just pot but "Yola" - coke for the hippinenin
dancing vapid music from the trunk of a car
others arrive and the party diversifies
I see hip chicks bonding on the beach
is fired warmer than rave dudes cackle
when the fifteen of five party arrives
setup is fast in coming
before my eyes the rave magic
dub hits the sand at sunrise
its a full flegded club scene
captain crunch and folks do no-dance periphery chat and hang
while we three hard core dance to pre-dawn beat magic
peace pumped by kelly little long braids
shake it shake it
sleep in the sun
leaving, lost my keys, shit, the goddess is testing me
Adnan, sparkle eyed foreign lad of deep breathing hugs
discovers them three
in my finally bare feet sand troughs
I am recommitted
communing with mother ocean, yeah
a doberdog approaches raucously
my tail slips between my running legs
owner rescued I coloured pencil these thoughts:
we are afraid to live without prejudice
prejudice protects us and alienates us.
I've retrieved my skirt
Amanda wants to borrow it,
and I thought she was the cutest of the bunch
I am to ride them home
or at least the Haight
two become four,
teenaged burnt out ex veterans
Matt dude won't stop grinning
his visor and hood hide bleach streaks
his boss slacks are ass hanging
he leaves us four Fillmore, the Squat and Gobble
Darra, future lesbian of America in the short blue hair
despite delayed demeanor Corina could be greek in her fishermans cap,
but I think she's foreign somewhere else
I'm attracted to blue bright eyed scorpio amanda,
of the funky lips and few freckles,
explaining her tell all off as only sixteen can.
she willingly gives of her number
while I had already memory comitted her place of pie-sales.
we leave on possibility, I drive a sickened Corina home
navy boy breakup and a trip to mexico
she don't have big plans yet
but she don't want to take no more drugs.

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