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wilson listens to a lot of the blues.

my brother took me to see buddy guy.

I most typically enjoy bands at their youngest and most raw,
so naturally the predecessor of a lot of music poplare today is the blues,

like langston hughes

like gospel music, before that.

willie mctell
robert wilkins
, I have a blues album by him, "the original rolling stone" but then he went religion.

weird religion is built in often, and unidentifiable: satan and adam in concert

so many of the early blues guys are blind, wilson explained that it's because they couldn't work in the fields, so they were given instruments and told to play.

blind seers

guitar instruction links, guitarlink lessons, chords, statesboro blues


eyeneer, where my friend Steve has extensive biographical blues information, with sound samples! a personal labour of love.

they're cleaning it up some: roots n' blues. nice series, coherent booklets and choices on the compilations.

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