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16 sept, 1996


that the only way to teach a lesson is to bludgeon the senses and make you laugh at absolute misery
I admired the deft script which made you laugh at stuff at hate yourself for it
but unlike the others, this movie seemed to have more of a point lurking beneath
and it was as I heard the drunk projectionist outside, having seen this movie for his third time
announce that it was only showing here in frisco, and that it had a moral message
I thought it had more substance than a lot of the other flicks of this variety
more depth, more dark side
if only because there was more truth, more absurdly honest truth
a mix of the trailor parkishness of kalifornia, the abused of natural born killers, the cheeky hip of pulp fiction, over the top absurd moments like amateur
but mostly the foundation of freeway. and red riding hood.

still, it leads me to wonder, how will they shock the next generation?

it did come down to honesty, there was a very compelling character who was just trying to tell the truth

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