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march 30

happy Easter, egg.

March 29: this voice stuff is getting better, about ten words a minute.

young men in my dormhall actually invite them in.

one rodent approached my standing feet
I was slightly worried,

ethan, you play them harmonica,
trust they won't bite, they feel your fear

swami hall, goin' let de birds land in yer hair?
I was thinking more of St. Francis,
what does the Koran say of all creatures great and small?

That getting better stuff was macintrashed early

seething. lanky, i wore my running tights
ben says I look like a superhero who lost his job.

I lost three days, four, of training my computer
carew says it's like teaching my daughter to speak,
, listen.

and in his anger could feel his hands Tingle.

it had been Saturday,
, Saturday was her busy night sometimes:
San Francisco

Wilson's room was mine / words can not express

generational cliche

it would be cheesy to write love poems
for woman after women,

I heard him say

today, today,
she de she thrown it out

rolling stone seen

I spoke with energy and manic laughter
quite an adventure

we won.

cristos a nesti

so she rose at 10am

shit, did bleed on those pants.

happy Easter, egg.

trei wants to work together to build a place for folks to talk on these pages. Purely non-commercial.

doug wants to know where he can find money.

brush your teeth with an other hand

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