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sept 30

a reliable monday
early arrival and actually enjoyable to be at the office
this place is humming!
as new setbacks and new breakthroughs
feed a bunch of barely productive psychopaths and jesters
I love it here.

I recieved my new keyboard today,
steve the airborne express man delivered it
spent the morning learning new positions
and the afternoon to tech support trying to figure out where the option key was
so I ran into steve the airborne express guy on the way to the bathroom
he took it back

mom came to the office
she met me at hotwired too
she thinks this is nicer
more professional, nice courtyard with pansies
hotwired started in a building with sweatshops and textile slave women
a view overlooking the freeway
she feels fine about me sleeping here

and to dinner
memorable good sushi
jilld and bay area restaurant guide recommend ebisu

said "sublime" and "wonderful" so many times
we predicted a bill double what it turned out to be
highly recommended
sushi, innovation
ended with uni, mom wouldn't try it
sea urchin, 2 of 2 sushi chefs say it's their favourite
weird texture, tastes like old sex
damn if that shit ain't the greatest.

no one can read it yet
but mom and I talk about it
mom decides mine sounds like an advice book
I think our presbyterian pastor friend john buchanan would be a good judge of that

mom sees howard's thich on my desk

we buy her a copy
nebraska raised protestant goes buddhist

as I explain the spiritual component of my writing

my book,
I develop a vision of a lifetime of study and scripture
going to libraries, hitting the streets,
eliciting wisdom, sharing sources
the web, books, songs, teevee just different means of sharing that

I propose a yearly family trip for mom colin and I
a chance for us to get together away
like howard and his daughter
abbe and her mom
they have travel time together, each year, set aside.

dinner was fun if a little slow by the end
her time zone two hours ahead, travelling tired
I am somewhat compelled to connect to my mom in ways that don't work
questions grow gratuitous,
my stories patronized
I need to learn to shut up and just enjoy sitting next to her

my friend wilson is studying abroad in italy
his e-mails to me are very funny
more of a showcase of his irrevocable irreverance
and irascible wit

than any travellog

gotta love that boy.

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