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american labour day
it was supposed to be may 1, right?

pending a personal content revelation,
I'm just going to strew a few random links
familiar memeographies,
good solid writing,
as I tell you this -
this woman touched me today,
(she's a masseuse)
it was a most psychedlic experience
I couldn't open my jaw, open my hands
as my entire body was pins and needles ridden

she said,
as so many have before,
you have to work to prepare yourself
or else you attract the wrong kind of folks
and then if you have sex with them
you dip into that energy

then I went out for two tacos
one had chicken in it

today I read a labour day article about people whose job it is to masturbate turkeys

I met this cute solid woman
she told me where she works, and when,
that makes two evenings a week I am set aside to go hang out at restaurants and flirt with different attractive staff members.

while I reside in san francisco until the fall descends

and electric minds launches
tomorrow I think I'll call my uncle jim
and ask him to help me find a deserted cabin in nebraska in which to seclude myself for the come of winter.

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