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5 june, 1996
choice for amyfriends or gary chapman
felt I had to make a connection
this guy does the right stuff

postponed an hour, I leave late, trek across a broad campus with vague spanish architectural influences

like the building, I found him initially too cool, but became quite comfortable.
he wasn't the most forward fun guy right off the bat, emerging from his crowded crowded small office
we walked, him in his black cowboy boots to a classroom
I guess for not sure why I'm here he was pretty open
sat back in a classrooom chairs hands in facefront ask me so what's on my mind
I elaborate some empowerment vision

he recommended folks across the country doing good comm service work

andy gordon at university washington seattle war on the poor site with welfare narratives
glide memorial church in san fran - computers and you program
and a comm service mailing list

over po' boys lunch speak of similar adversions to elitism, right
kevin kelly's led new social darwinism - cyberlibertarianism without mercy or social responsibility

his manifesto book out of control to be a web site hosted by absolute

there's just different potential
if computers are going to infostructure, they should be community connected before they provide the pecuniary.

chap man

on the way back I experience large campus feelings - gosh there's lots and lots of pretty enough women
a few interesting looking people, does swarthmore concentrate one type or another? is swarthmore elitist in that way then? ug.

god it's tough, tried to finish 28th this morning, but I'm being so faithful to that evening it's become a bottle neck

jeff kirk that and being interviewed by jeff kirk
from the statesman, stiffer paper of austin online
never been interviewed by someone who talked so much, took so few notes.
I guess he knew what he wanted ahead of time.

amy and I go groce
discuss ode
she took down, cuz kevin described it as a crush poem

groceing at austin's central market
HEB texas megamarkets marin upscale healthy experiment

pasta dinner

over exposed amy and I take each other under exposed

we missed the bats

my computer crashed again

bill and amy videotape as I board the bus
they didn't get the sleepy mexican guys next to me looking at them and me quite confused and perhaps suspicious

I'm thinkin',
allen ginsberg

since I read he greyhounded in the back of trei's howl book)
allen ginsberg was never videotaped as he boarded a greyhound
but that's a lie
he mebbe was, he was into filmin' shit
and he probably would have agreed to if he could!
people starin' at him, like they starin' at me, I imagine
you know, he was like gay and everything.

commenceth 14 bus hours
I left me digital camera
missed expansive truck stop porno rack pictures
ephedrine HCL and guaifenesin; speed pill sales truck stop oaklahoma
and suzie, paul's vally truck stop cashier with huge semi-prescious stone chunks on most of her fingers

I mean joint sized.

in speaking I said it'd be good to have classic works vivailable online,
but perhaps they should be reinterprited for a new medium/age
to increase via/readability

maybe there were bhave your own show prothlytizers with radio/tv before the networks and the fcc.

same driver as from san anton
so he lets me on with just my ameripass
(I'm supposed to redeem myself before gettin' back on the bus)

is this guy hauling ass, or is it just the size of this vehicle?
we're in the passing lane, full time.

reflecting on amy and bill's hollywqood studded shower curtain, I wonder how cool kansas will be - how cansas coool, in what way

this highway is
indoor archery lanes
neon still blinking for closed places at night

buy beer stay here
the driver sez
no likker on the bus.

midnight brief layover in dallas
and then back of the bus smells worse
more than one drunk sharing transport woes with nobody
"french quarter, you can drink like you wanna drink" from the booze smellin' dude with an emptry tattoo.

inspiring bible verses: matthew 7:25
do what you want, god'll take care of the physical shit.

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