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4 may, 1996
afternoon working on history of text as a commodity hard to stay away from web yearbook, Nigeria, jane's addiction

still I wander the saturday somewhere teened

martin I'll tell you struck by theatre I
two roomates former proud now
ben and martin performance director respective

martin's alliende tribute
bathed in blood
effective rendering in multiple mediums
it takes afficion, not toys - the next generation.

rob dull made me think about psychological disturbances and the questiouning thereof -
who does not think violent thoughts? what do we do when the drugs run out?

I did so typical I wandered making conversation and social until I arrived with 151 proof rum belly burner
we tried to art a fire blowing alcohol out of our mouths like flamethrowers

it was college

sitting in hall stairways watching the drunk return

we make wit - john jessica and I

I follow a pizza to some freshfolk

we have summer off in common

all the while a lifestyle choice availed not work night web long

instead, denise has a fever - 103 temperature, gave her some tea, made her take off her fancy clothes, turned off the lights.

late night out on campus

party shut down and pickup - strewn memories ug trash kids disposable cups bane of the free world
"margaritaville" has ended strewing puketrib patrons across scan me
waste no time save answer one query re: my hair

future senators at phi sci

another fraternity, they're playing beirut
like beer and bozo buckets and ping pong balls
"Actually," Kevin reports, "it's a game that requires little skill
he thinks "it's just an excuse to drink lots of beer."

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