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27 april, 1996
stupa carl stern, of bcg calls early
I identified "the notorius bitch of the office"
she later got breast cancer and a brain tumour
no need to further suffering.
slept with women reported calling objecting
card carrying aclu member
caused him to think hard
public figures talk shit
but should private paraded?
bcg private company
clients mention net.searching for bcg
now if they read it closely, they won't find anything
if not, corporate debauchery
now that summer retreat, couple 100 staff, lots of kids
basically a family occasion

leave out the personal names,

and why don't you just use "a worldwide consulting firm"
instead of bcg?

sitting on my brother's bed
offline in new york
I'll edit it and get back to you.

rich french food breakfast
if colin is trying to lose weight, eggs florentine is not the way
tales of homeless homosexual seduction

thomas in san francisco
nick nearly lost his lunch.

after noon spending money in a street fair
is a market of goods
open air
cheap sunglasses knock off ties and yards of sausage
wander spend and crash

fun to wire friends
starting folks with software and bookmarks
preparing a mac for the net

jeff posternak

myself online, 109 e-mails since thursday.

on cnn, united nations meeting to help "the worlds poor"
what does that mean, they don't have t-shirts?
they don't spend money.
ask them, are they unhappy?
I'm thinking not of townships, but of the maasi.

dangerous ground,

but it seems dumb to try to help folks consume more.
avenue a techno sushi club
lara and meredith from marvel comics
two year exclusive deal to be on AOL
I'm sorry
wacky Lya loves to clean
she's from a foreign country
has a sedate seeming boyfriend
I'm sorry.

chatting with jeff and co

re: net nature
perhaps people don't want a beginning middle and end story
as much as they like pieces to build their own.

group momentum to the bubble club
all champagne stefanie invited carl goodman party

he's the curator of digital media
at the museum of the moving image

wetlands preserve stefanie invites me to brooklyn great distance in so many ways my joints ache and so do my eyes I ask for home ride, muse the signal that sends ten minute cap on relationship discussion I offer a weak binary those I meet for talk and those I'm moth flame to trying to be in the moment, cuz some folks we chat into bed no, it means I'll have to grow to sex you? admitted ego blow of missing the justin scandal sheet she just felt like chemistry is weird I announce ten minute cap we grip hands goodnight I feel tension and lean in for a goodnight tongue kiss fast she's tongue furious remarks on my soft skin she's got a plump lower lip and soft skin herself that's what I was waiting for, I just wanted to feel your stomach - she touches my rayon

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