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13 February, 1996
yesterday determined
I turned an issue out
to my students

in pursuit of their academic credit,

I learned a great deal.

I make it a priority

not to harbour regrets
if I had one today
it would be that I entertained out loud
the notion of dropping out of school

sure there's adversity
at times it is best to move on.

but I am not there yet

far from worn
just crabby

was I trying to put people on edge?

who cares?

if I am here,
I do here.

howard chatting about academic resistance

with howard
he sez the key is to
keep your ears open,
even when there's steam coming out.

another swatprof
sponsor for my course

Rich Schuldenfrei
he said
I feel like I've been visited by a member of a tribe that I've only read about.
the way he identified
first my course
then my major
then me:
like the web - a little bit of everything, not nailed down.
it rang a bell, I was much inspired
scholarly schizophrenia
um, yeah, that's
I'm working on a special major, Humanist Technology; how to lead a good life as a contributing member of society in the 21st century. seems that's the basic mission of any education, I'm adapting it for technology.

class again:
for non-linear narrative print links
I called a high school teacher
with whom I shared no remarkable connection
mary dilg
was exceedingly glad and forthright sharing
that is an essence of teaching

I've made my own non-linear narrative

more approachable
try the

I've spent an inordinate amount of time today

seated typing high productive

the wounded healer

is in the air
chiron asteroid, astrological force
closest to earth february 14
since discovery.
(I've got him in my first house)

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