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Sunday, 5 September - link

home work

My homework for film class this weekend includes reading the script for Good Will Hunting and deciding how I might direct a few scenes. Switching gender of the characters is an option, one of my teachers said; I liked hearing that.

Mark Gray and Daniele Suissa are my "Introduction to Cinema Technique" teachers. We seem to have more homework than the other sections, due sooner; I guess that means I'm getting more education than my more relaxed peers!

On the home front, Piper visited again this weekend to finish a wood bench and a bedframe. Neither piece was ready on time, and while she was working with a local carpenter in the garden here, he had a saw accident that cut a deep bloody gash in his knee. As I was bringing him a cool wet towel he collapsed in a heap on my deck, shuddering and shaking. He resisted all calls for professional medical attention. And finally managed to limp away on his own power. That's suspended the remodeling activity for the day - Piper's driving back to San Francisco, the carpenter says he'll call me later this week. I'm going to cover the wood and saw with a tarp. It feels like 100 degrees here.

In other news, I've been working to help the other first year Interactive Media students to get their own blogs started on the USC Interactive web site - as you can see from the hacked faceroll sidebar, some of them are updating already!

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