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Since January 1994, I've been using the web to publish my notes. There's a mess of pages, some inaccuracies, a bunch of broken links, and too much information.

Here's a sort of short official-sounding professional bio:

Born and raised in Chicago Illinois, Hall almost failed out of the Francis W. Parker school while pursuing too many extra-curricular activities. While attending Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, Hall combated suburban campus isolation by exploring the first pages of the World Wide Web. He started Justin’s Links from the Underground (www.links.net) in January 1994 eventually oversharing thousands of pages. In December 2004, the New York Times Magazine referred to him as "the founding father of personal blogging."

In 1994, Hall was the youngest intern at Wired Magazine, working on the first commercial web publication HotWired. In 1996, Hall traveled by bus across the United States staying with readers of his web site, teaching all comers about the potential for personal online publishing. In 1998, he was an on-air host for ZDTV. In 1999, Hall served as Director of Innovation at the largest online video game research database Gamers.com. Hall moved to Japan for 18 months in 2001, reporting on the first multimedia mobile phones. In 2005 Hall worked as a digital media researcher with the Creative Artists Agency.

Hall enrolled in the USC Interactive Media Division in 2004 to explore alternatives to text publishing online. There he developed PMOG - "Passively Multiplayer Online Gaming" - surveillance-based gameplay online and on mobile phones. PMOG begame a startup called GameLayers that Hall co-founded with his wife. He is now divorced.

Today Justin Hall works at DeNA, a global mobile entertainment company.

Here's a much less official, occasionally omission-laden, rambling account of my life to date.

For the first nine years, the pages of this web site were strung together by hand. I published a few tutorials to help you do the same. Now I balance the hand-page making with some Movable Type for my archives. Links.net turned 10 years old in January 2004.

Since 1994, my site has been hosted by friends in San Francisco: Cyborganic. After 2007, I moved to Rimuhosting.

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