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commentson 5 September 2004 : 15:59, mcf sez:

For what it's worth, there's a play called "Matt and Ben" in which the roles are played (straight, if you will) by women....

info here:

commentson 6 September 2004 : 09:10, Jeff Field sez:

I recently read the GWH script (I like Drew's Script-o-rama for scripts), then watched the film. Same for Jerry McGuire. I'm working on a script and figure I oughts read some of the better ones around.

commentson 6 September 2004 : 12:44, filchyboy [TypeKey Profile Page] sez:

It was a bit cooler along the coast but LA posted 104 yesterday. Seemed that hot on the strand but I'm sure it was only 100. lol!

commentson 6 September 2004 : 13:16, C(h)ristine sez:

While you're doing all those renovations...get AC installed!

commentson 7 September 2004 : 13:31, Alex sez:

I recommend you watch (again) Good Will Humping for your homework and develop an idea that merges the two.

commentson 7 September 2004 : 16:30, incandenza sez:

Apropos of nothing, can you tweak your blog software so your entries don't show up as 'updated' so often in the RSS? Entries that I've already read keep coming back up in Bloglines, and they don't look significantly different.

commentson 8 September 2004 : 10:30, -j- sez:

More homework I give you!

commentson 9 September 2004 : 23:38, Emmanuelle sez:

Funny, I interviewed Daniele Suissa a few years ago for a French radio station. She has done a lot of theater and she said she was close to Anais Nin and her galaxy of friends. During the interview, you could feel that she was eager to give back and mentor. French teachers give TONS of homework, which may explain the workload.. Best, e

commentson 10 September 2004 : 20:23, Martin sez:

You dork. I can't believe you moved to LA! I wonder when I would've figured that out if it weren't for Liz O'Malley!

Let's get together sometime crazyman!


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