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Saturday, 4 September - link

don't you worry

how long have you two known each other?
don't you worry? sharing that much emotional intimacy.

I could call down angel's trumpets to call out my affections! But they destroy the liver. Maybe emotional intimacy sounds less like long clear wind notes and more like percussion. 72 maybe like a heart beat, but more likely sped up to drum and bass.

The truth revealed then - emotional intimacy is a racketing sound, memories bouncing around the heart. Projections of earliest desire and aspiration. We each have different goals but they might be described as something along the lines of rest and resume. All I can describe is my own search for security in intensity!

Just keep cleaning up! Relaxing! Avoiding conflict! Pushing my restless heart to homework and homemaking. I aspire to have new problems to worry about. And I'm still reminded that

'bout good as she do herself I wish I could speak more specifically. I mean, I'm challenged as I wish to protect privacy. Maybe that's intimacy. I'm working on it. So I have to find other ways to address universal truths as I see them refracted through my own experience. I guess I could filter out any reference to anything other than my own bellyache - how a two-sexed young scrawn found a matching piece for a dusty puzzle on a folding table in the corner of a cluttered mind. And suddenly to return to this 10,000 piece landscape scene he discovered piles of pieces in his lap, pieces coming out of his pockets, the front pockets, and eyes wide happy-appearing pieces began to cough cough come out of his throat -

see I like that - in that vision, you can look at the liquid rims around my eyes and see tears, sweat or pre-cum. Back to work!

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