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Saturday, 3 January - link

Thread Cleaning

I've been cleaning up my house for weeks; I finally cleaned up my web pages just a bit. With comments permitted on my site, people get into some odd behaviours. There were messages posted after an entry I wrote about my time in Finland, all promoting "order gifts and flowers to be delivered to India." One or two would have been curious, but there were 18, with about four more posted each of the last three days.

Then there were the messages posted after something I wrote about "Media Pirates of the Carribbean" - young women looking for Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp's email address. 68 of them total. These were funny too - the pre-adolescent pleading. But the more people post comments related to "orlando bloom's email address," the more that page will turn up in a search, and more people will add their name to the list, saying "please tell Orlando I love him!" Well ladies, you can rest assured, when I next see Mssrs. Depp and Bloom I will give them all of your kisses. In the mean time, those threads have been closed for new comments, and this one will be too. Hum.

Posted on 3 January 2004 : 10:32 (TrackBack)
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