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Wednesday, 23 July - link

Media Pirates of the Caribbean

*swings down on a rope*
Avast ye 'puterlubber! I'll be taking them files from ye hard drive -
*looks up from the keyboard in horror and shock*
These files? But you haven't paid for them!
*a wide grin breaks, there are a few teeth black and missing*
Heh heh - shut yer hole and I'll leave ye a copy.
*leaning back from the smell, admiring the clothes and rope-swinging technique*
You just take any file you want?

After my second time seeing Pirates of the Caribbean, and weighing all the fondness that my friends have for these theives of yore, I'm not sure that the term "piracy" has the dread connotations some copyright holders would wish it to have.

*Reaching back for the rope to swing out of the cubicle, singing*
Yo-ho, yo-ho, free software for me.

Posted on 23 July 2003 : 11:26 (TrackBack)
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