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Friday, 2 January - link

NYE: Sweaty with Strangers

If the first day of 2004 was not an inspired miracle of creative delving, deepening meditation or useful productivity, at least the night of New Year's gave me some strong footing for the year. At midnight, I was rolling around on the floor in the dark, clothed all in white, sweaty, in the company of fifty strangers. Fantastic way to usher in a new era.

Friend Kelly invited me to attend midnight aikido at Aikido-West, which is where my teacher studied. It was raining steadily outside, I came in after things had commenced and I was immediately swept up in the relentless friendly twirling and smiling, bowing and grappling. An amazing satisfying way to pass time with people, like dancing but towards a technique. A great New Year's Eve - if only because I wasn't sitting around watching a clock with a drink in my hand. I was rolling and tumbling, gracious for a friendly stranger, open to the future.

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