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genderfuck '96

to top off sager symposium weekend
the genderfuck dance
guys in dresses
unseemingly tight clothes
loose morals

I was wearing a saywrong
folded in half, it showed my butt
I danced on a table, it showed my balls

sometimes I dance real hard
I think of other places, people
and I dance for them
or I dance like I'm in a box
or reaching for heaven
I open my eyes and women are dancing facing me,

not their dates
the guys look neglected
makes me uncomfortable.

wilson watching thinks I'm too thin
I should start eating meat, animal products

the moment was ripe with potential
I licked the skin of that juicy fruit

but incized not
sometimes things got sexy with beautiful people
I'd be worried about a hard on in a saywrong
but kept fluid, not messy.

denise after God is my CoPilot
identity searching slightpunk queer noise
short bursts of dancibility
martin djed brutal beats
at times militaristic techno
I caught him dubbing in some Che Gueverra

ended chatting with denise
five feet tall
five miles of cuban cleavage
groping not outrageous sexuality
somehow reassuring.

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