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Justin Hall
1 april, 1996
Shamanism, Grant

h e a l i n g

Shamanism Colonialism and the Wild Man

Michael Taussig

This was perhaps the most appreciable of the texts because the personal reflections and relationships. Taussig's life amongs the shamans was close enough to rreveal strength, frailty and engaging bawdiness - seomthing altogether lacking in Obeyesekere, who seemed to hold his acestics at somewhat an arms distance (esp. by comparison).

Taussig took the yage, reading about the trips to the nether of the soul repeatedly tempted me to take drugs.

thinking of myself as a shaman, always when reading these books - am I a highland or a lowland?

If highlanders do not exist in the midst of the plantlife, if lowlanders are the wilder plant collectors,

my most recent batch of drugs, some 'shrooms were delivery by a rather burly friend who ventured into the nether philly to bring them back for me.

thinking of my own mentor, howard visited over the weekend, and said we should work to a place where I could produce for him.

I was then struck by the passage where Santiago taught himself yage use, and Taussig notes that shamanic-training relationships often end in envy.

Sorcery and yage ingestion as means to defy malicious envy.

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