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swarthmore course work

special major: meaning context and media

Spring '98

art history 29: film: form and signification
t. kaori kitao

lingustics 14: history of the english language
craig williamson

two credit thesis:
technology and citizen choice: priorities and responsibility for tool selection
phil weinstein & ken gergen

Fall '97

Psychology 48: technology, self and society
ken gergen
Economics 1: intro to economics
bernard saffran

Dance 2: world dance forms
sharon friedler

Computer Science 21.2: computer science 21: C & Unix
charles kelemen

Spring '97

tutorial in cultural studies
timothy burke

directed reading in postmodernism
ken gergen

Art History 61: design of everyday things
t. kaori kitao

English 72: proust joyce and faulkner
philip weinstein

Spring '96

History 88: History of Consumption
Timothy Burke

Physics 25: In Search of Reality
John Boccio

Sociology & Anthropology 72: Shamanism
Bruce Grant

web ethics
I'm runnin' it!

Fall '95

Religion 32: Buddhist Social Ethics
Don Swearer.
12.11.95: interbeing
11.22.95: Buddhadasa's Dhammic Socialism: an Internet Vision
Religion 10: African American Religions
Yvonne Chireau
12.7.95: African American Religion Resources on the net
Studio Arts : Oil Painting
Celia Reisman
Music : Jazz History
John Alston

Spring '95

Literature 32R: Literature of Social Change and Revolution
Thomson Bradley & Vivian Ford
5.10.95: black man, you gotta make a decision:
rap lyrics as visions for social change.
Statistics 2
Gudmund Iversen
3.14.95: surfin' statistics
English: Harlem Renaissance
Charles Jones?
History : History of American Manhood
Bruce Dorsey
Computer Science 20: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Charles Kelemen

Spring '94

Political Science 32: Politics of South and Southeast Asia
Deepa Ollipaly
5.94: Prostitution in Thailand
History of Latin America
Jerome Wood
Modern British Poetry
Natalie Anderson
Spanish II
John Hasset

Fall '93

Religion 5: Problems of Religious Thought
Mark Wallace
12.17.95: Ruether and Nietzsche: Sittin' Under a Tree.
English 10: Ways of Seeing
Abbe Blum
9.21.93: reaction revealed
Engineering 7: Art & Science of Structures
Faruq Saddiqui
Spanish I
Aurora Camacho

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