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I looked up howard's books in the swarthmore library, and found one of them had been put on reserve for a "Reading Culture" class, taught by Ken Gergen in the Psych department.
I can remember chandra taking courses with him, alternating obstacles and triumph, but she was always into high drama.
twogether I found him to be extremely affable, and indeed we had much to speak of. Already by the end of our first session, we were talking about projects; books, interviews, conferences, grants.

His domain is the internet and self theory construction. My far ranging rants about new society, between us there is little runway delay before takeoff.

I did some informal speaking for the class, experiences of an online author in an age of dissolving authorship.

A rising Junior, I took him on as my advisor. He by and large agrees with my academic departmental fragmentation analysis, so he's helping me with my special major.

another Sagittarius, he's abstract like me.

he's got start of a web page up.

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