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I took a semester off to stay for the launch of HotWired. She went back to Swarthmore. We did not forget about each other, we kept up with intermittent packages and e-mail. We were not connected across the continent though, when I was not there, she was in her world alone. I had work and San Francisco to keep me busy.

A grave misunderstanding precipitated by mutual restlessness and dissatisfaction lead to a screaming telephone fight one day in November, when we both exposed the length and breadth of our infidelities. I was crushed, she had fucked her ex-boyfriend one hour before having sex with me over the summer, and again in October. It felt like revenge for something I hadn't even done yet. She was angry that I was spending my evenings in intimacy with another woman (Sonic) - I thought it was cool because we hadn't slept together or even fooled around much.

We fought on the phone, too often from my desk at work. We broke up, she broke me up, she was moving on.

And then somehow repair, she returned in December.

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