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dream: 21 october 1995

sleeping on colin's couch, in NY for fall break.
driving to find a lake in western nebraska
on maps, in memory
the lake location intangible
with andrew mohloff for one thing
I want to ask a nebraskan for for directions
we stop in a small outpost
for questions, directions, and rest
andrew was having trouble sleeping
just like he always does
on a bed against the wall
dorm style
othr boys spread around the room
I had two old red seat cushions on the floor
by the window
it was fine,
I knew I would sleep
that night,
someone started talking
a young man in our group
identified the lake was by ohio
didn't tell us
he was going to split the group
by heading correct himself
I think we rebanded around him
to head for the lake

howard is at swarthmore
working on a piece deep in dupont
the back of the science labs
an old macintosh
and he is sprawled
writing in his hawaiians and his fedora
he was going to be there for a few days
maybe three
but didn't really track me down
no sadness, he figured I'd find him
I didn't say hi to judy
she was there too
she took off with a swarthmore mother
to do some shopping
we wander off
talk a little philosophy
I ask howard to be on my radio show
recreate conversation for media
into tree adventures with howard
he's hanging out in foliage with my friends
he gets to teaching, playing
hold a bluebirds tail,
and they can't do anything
lift them up and release them
en masse
I try it
the blue head
plastic yellow beak
pin black eyes
he's right
but the oils from my thumb
leave in their tail feathers
I worry about infection
he reappears from within the leaves
robins eggs on his head
he sez
let's take a walk on the soil
he's got his shoes off
I'll have to do that too
we walk a grey speckled concrete path
take some mushrooms?
take some pictures,
the camera's battery dies
on his flushed cheek
his red wig pig tails
in a living room
let's go check out the @ cafe
I'll talk like howard
more couches, less chairs

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