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dream: 20 october 1995

home at 6 am from rs, sleeping on couch, then this in colin's bed.
extended swarthmore romp with josh koppel
we are on campus, pub nite perhaps
obviously avoiding each other
but I make the bridge by asking what classes he's taking
again and until he feeds me some shit
another stand up
I finally get a straight answer and feel something
were we with bold ben?
we leave others behind for campus wandering
driving crazy pell mell in bad weather
six lanes broad,
we fly fast from one side of the street to the other
the turn home approaches,
watching detached from 100 feet behind the travelling car
josh accelerates,
then hops out
as the car banks
somehow I'm still in there, behind
I stay for the turn, hop out later,
the car comes to rest itself
down the driveway and a sharp right
avoids any crash
a smart little
cream coloured compact car
some barn type situation
an authority figure comes down on me hard
leaping around
no automotive respect
I explain it all away
josh isn't around
looking at the plastic water tube end hole
with a piece inside
keeping something saturated
will it freeze in the window winter?
I'm outside by a tree
the bad weather is coming
but the Internet won't tell bold ben
how severe
he wants a better measure

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