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dream: 18 october 1995

sleeping on colin's couch, in NY for fall break.
I'm fooling around with chandra, and it is great
white pale
pale smooth
lithe together
heated familiar
but she interrupts
don't do this unless you are not going to become
intellectually disenchanted
and all of a sudden I am
thinking - if only she wasn't tainted
this would have been perfect
if she could have accepted our tie this time
it was alluring
I want to continue
so did she
I'm watching donnan on closed circuit tv,
we're all in hospital rooms

there's a cult or club
rya is somehow a proponent
to join requires putting form objects in vertical cubby holes
which I do
leads me to the leader beyond seated
an asian mystic type
he looks at my hand
"you're a silver knight"
something good
some koppel
I see him shortly afterwards

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