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12 october, 1995

solo in worth
I was in/on an island penetentiary
with tons of teenagers
including Zara and Sara Jansen
and who from parker?

In concrete halls,
at first fear of my peers
they might attack me strange
but then I was among them
one of them
happy even, standing cheering
this is a party!
at the sight of my friends

gangbangers and punks
can't remember
why in jail
but I thought I would be not changed

except buttfuct
It was almost more of a visit than a sentence
I spent the time after lights out trying to show my distracted friends holographic VRML walkthrough projections.
was wilson there?
they were trying to sneak bald sara downstairs as a boy
were the floors gender segregated? mine was not.

I escaped, somehow, to somewhere else
where I watched a guard dealing with Shakilya and mistreating her from afar.

Unloading frozen birds for Ngina
multicoloured parrots with long stiff feather tails of royal blue
into the lake surrounding us
they took water wing
but the jail gate was rolling down.

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