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nov 19

morning noon wakeup and chat with colin
colin laments 26 closer to 30
he is my brother
we can be ribald together
and we might share a city this weekend
if his grindstone will let him go

and I call amy
she has already sent me email today that I have not seen
as ever picking up where we left off which is where we started which is the hear and now
some sensual
this woman gives me a reason to wash my underwear

(a little dr bronner's -
dilute dilute!)

work wwj layout
vjim and I are pretty damn tight

wayne reports oncoming carpal perhaps

teach at internet alfredo, prepare a syllabus modification to existing file

promotion, online success is about webergy.

show late
more zdtv people and internet cafe staff than paying attendees
nine folks, about even split between individual and institutional web work

a marketing fellow with longish hair shows up from e-benefits, selling health insurance to web companies

he offers his org as a test case, so some of the dialog results around him
doug has seen my site
wants to talk about motivation and tech and entries and style and professional

the camera man asks me to move around and stuff
moments I realized I was responsible for 18 individual eyes a slight unnerving, but just keep talking and stop when it's right
and let silence rule the room sometimes
and other people will speak

strange to spew and end in a dead quiet and slight stunning

all outtakes owned by nbc

but maybe I can get a transcript

after its over this place clears out
it's 24 hours, two people
I sit down for some free time on the machines here

end up spending near an hour on the phone with amy
girlfriend? chris here asks
you had a boyfriend tone of voice - different from your lecture.

try mplayer network quake on pc
quake is pretty cool, it ain't no marathon - more disorienting faster shit more killing faster scrolling I think not as pretty tho

I stay til after two modifying sunday

first splash screen page entry

trudge bus home late
with a white attired ravin' laura

I remember that life

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