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nov 13

today I went to zdtv to talk with my friend about being on tv

we decided they should tape my session at internet alfredo - similar message

incorporating personality into your web site design.

I want to be on tv because it was fun. people paid lots of attention to me. I seemed to make them happy. they were excited about the internet. they enjoyed their excitement. I seemed better than other things on tv.

it was fun. people paid lots of attention to me. is he kidding?

am I, if I package personality online and make it accessable and somehow perhaps formulaic, that is closer to mephisellingoutshitetc.

they're not making so much money it seems. they've got to be conscious of what they spend and how

still they liked me
executive producer of teevee said I had charisma, etc.
said it some more,
she was saying I had charisma,
I took a moment to notice that it seemed she had her own charisma as well

do you get it? I meant she was flattering me.
I think she got it.

then I went to lunch with michael goldberg, Mr. addicted to noise

now there's a hard worker - no investment, total self-seeded, totally independent

(though looking for money now)

every morning up and working by 7 to do rock news of the day for two hours before work starts
writing cover stories, his friends reporting and folks writing
virtual office - no central locale except where the servers live

part time college students upload media bits

home style. ain't no million dollah capitol softbank stock holdings

just enough ad revenue to keep on being michael goldberg, online.
but not enough to expand

jonathan called in a bit of crisis,
needed some followthrough committment on my part
and to perhaps resolve my positioning

cyborganic makes a better ad package with me in it

of my top grossing hit pages,

I want my front page for my integrity - small advertisers, small publishers and my daily musings

not brought to you by x car company
kodak would be better, cuz I use their products, but jesus

I have to put up and shut up and figure out

and all this shit is paralysed by a choice not yet risen for the year ahead

minx and I chat into the morn
we agree on the grace of the semi-colon
she ascribes most poetic
even sensual qualities to that punctutory uniting
parts that are complete but not, with parts that are complete, but not.

kind of like people with signifigant others in other places.

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