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24 april, 1996
someone is stressed
freaking out a bit

after I posted a party picture here
turned their negative energies toward me

reveal-ed unto me was the depth of deciet
lies upon lies snake eye

I wald resume turh
truth light shine in on me
from me
down here lord

drama, they say

I tell them of many silly things
it sounds like high drama

biggest bummy,
as mary said,
it sucks when someone gets pissed at you and then cops out.

he ain't talkin'
and I ain't linkin'.

still, anybody suffering gets me thinking
especially when they threaten me with a restraining order

I saw a native american storyteller tonight

Joeseph Bruchac
he mentioned his vermont opening for Dylan and the Dead, so I will too

good trick for public speaking:

his ho, our hey reply
ensures connection, permits participation
I'm supposed to speak in front of some publishers on monday,
I'll give it a whirl.

he recited several origins

native mythologyies
how you learn them stories?
I asked
blessed with a good memory
learns them in the mind
tells them from the heart
but only if he has permission.

he has to hearten it before tellable,
and some heart tales he seeks not permission

some you carry inside
in here
and he library researches multiple versions.


afterwards he tells me,
keep listenin', keep talkin'.

I'm a bit coltish, yeah
I think I'm listening, learning, sharing, caring

seth sent me a package
a spirit special delivery
blessed string piece
menthol fluid for cold
little money buddha
seven crisp bills
gospel music
words from the dalai lama
sandlewood incense

letter at a secret url

scan me

and sunglasses,
cuz he told me to scan my head
so he could see my dreads

huh? another front page redesign
more minimal.

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