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Thursday, 26 August - link

what's a blog?

First day in my survey of Interactive Media class, with professor Bleeker.

He suggests from the podium that students should maintain blogs. Someone asks, what's a blog? I laugh - you're in the right place to find out! I reply.

Professor Bleeker suggests I tell her what's a blog. Taken aback for a moment, I pause and then discourse -

someone behind me replies,
that was awesome
but the woman who asked said, that was overwhelming

In order to help pay my tuition, I've taken on some work helping technologize social and academic interaction. In other words, I'm going to be setting up blogs and wikis and helping people use them. Maybe I'll write some papers on the future of academic discourse online.

Mostly it seems to mean that I'm quickly getting in over my head as a total web tech support technician for all public discourse in the Interactive Media Division. Many classes want blogs; I'll be setting those up. And students get blogs. I'll be setting those up. The faculty and staff want a public calendar online. I'm not sure I know

I figured I might know some of the material in my classes already, having lived through some of the material. I get a certain prideful thrill from counting the number of people on my syllabuses I know, have driven in my car, have visited their homes, have travelled to foreign countries with My pride is restrained when I realized I haven't really read much of any of this. Or my interactions with those people were more grounded in scoring seared pork or drugs or a late night three way tryst during an overlong media conference. I figure I'm getting a meta-education - how is this material taught? How do you compress and digest and convey the fomenting media culture I've been breathing? I'm studying how teaching works, and I'm happy to lend a hand.

My formal language will be developed;

shit man, I'm going to graduate school to stay alive - curious idealists are being sucked into global spiritual struggles and slain in the streets. Subdued my longing, snorting at my sense of personal greatness and abandoning my messianic destiny, I'm incubating my noggin. I hope to emerge prepared to be a better father to humankind.

Posted on 26 August 2004 : 14:34
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