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commentson 31 August 2004 : 08:25, J sez:

messianic? o la la, get a hold of yourself, man. it's clear you have a lot of optimism and self-confidence, but don't be the fool who actually believes in his own highness. a touch of detachment is not only wise, it's more attractive.

commentson 31 August 2004 : 08:27, Cruftbox [TypeKey Profile Page] sez:

Making the transition from learner to teacher often sneaks up on you. You look around and see how much there is to know and understand, daunted by the fact that each day you realize there is more to learn.

At the same time, people start regarding you as an expert and an 'authority' on the topic.

I find myself perplexed that I can ever be viewed as an expert on a topic, when it seems to me so obvious that no one can ever be fully knowledgeable about anything...

commentson 31 August 2004 : 10:40, ferndave sez:

Maybe I'm an old web-snob, but how does one get into a graduate level Interactive Media class and not know what a blog is? Maybe they come from classical media like paint or photography, but I'd still think they'd have an idea of what is going on out there.

commentson 31 August 2004 : 11:35, Liz sez:

I made a similar, "what is a weblog" post

All hail the Blog Father. ;D

commentson 31 August 2004 : 13:55, Justin Hall [TypeKey Profile Page] sez:

One nice thing about blogs is that we are all fathers and mothers of this new medium I mean heck even comments you're adding and prodding and directing all this flow. From people! So it's a great thing, and I'm glad this gal heard people talking about it and saught it out - what is a blog? What is a blog indeed? We can argue over it in niggling detail, but really, it's a revolution in publishing. She had to find out sooner or later - I think she came from the critical studies department at the graduate school here, taking an interactive media course. So I'm glad ideas like blogging might spread across the school, out of the geekhive. If I had more time I would teach web publishing seminars. Maybe I can make time soon!

commentson 31 August 2004 : 15:35, Mike B. sez:

I hope to emerge prepared to be a better father to humankind.


commentson 31 August 2004 : 16:51, Justin Hall [TypeKey Profile Page] sez:

We are all parents to our race! All of us! Raising each other!

commentson 31 August 2004 : 17:56, Nevets sez:

"The faculty and staff want a public calendar online. I'm not sure I know"

Dude you can use ical to make the basic calendar and then publish it with

If your using Mac os X you can install php on the mac, Marc Liyanage has a great installer

good luck!


commentson 31 August 2004 : 19:11, C(h)ristine sez:


I too am trying to figure out how to juggle my commitments -- work, MFA, extracurriculars, and creative projects (related and unrelated to school)...! Love knowing you're doing the same dance -- it's a process...maybe we'll just get really strong legs.

I tried to track back my entry making a *small* reference to you but it's not working.

commentson 1 September 2004 : 10:01, dfdfag sez:

you might want to drop dave winer a line. ( he has set up something very similar at harvard.. he might have ideas.

commentson 1 September 2004 : 10:51, Liza sez:

Blog is hardly a new technology when you Justin and others have been doing them for years. It is just now that the mainstream culture and media are catching up.

commentson 1 September 2004 : 18:43, C(h)ristine sez:

the subject of blogs is everywhere!

In my graduate fiction workshop -- my prof brought up the subject of "blogging" as a form of writing. He, an otherwise major proponent of pop-culture (he finds value in Survivor, American Idol, People magazine, etc.)...poo-poo'd blogging! Right after stating the value of mainstream writers and books...I found it amusing!

My hand shot up quickly of course -- defending blogging -- it _is_ writing. He balked, and said, "Oh, who has time for that." And I said, "I do. For 6 years -- and people have been blogging longer than I have."

It's amazing that blogs have penetrated academia...and the world fine art.

commentson 3 September 2004 : 11:06, Jeff Field sez:

I've been promoting pretty much the same thing since the late 90's. And still no takers. And you ask me why I drink?

The post here outlines what I'm selling -

commentson 3 September 2004 : 17:17, Randy sez:

man... sometimes, justin, i'm just not clear why you're going to school. what is it with this "back to school" urge that people get? can someone explain it? i feel like all i was really taught in college was how to learn, and that after that progress meant getting out there to where life was happening.

commentson 18 October 2004 : 00:09, Banteron sez:

It is really honorable that you are pursuing a graduate degree, Having a master's degree with give you credibiltiy in some circles, and invariably piss other people off. Just remember that were assessing your every move (at least since "Homepage")... so don't blow it.


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