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Friday, 4 June - link

tummy trouble

Hah! I love yogurt first thing in the morning, plain white yogurt. Settles my stomach. I'm attending a symposium in Los Angeles and they had a great breakfast spread - yogurt, cereal, fruit, rhubarb, boiled eggs, bagels and toppings. I grabbed a bowl and filled it up top with yogurt. After a night of whiskey and menthol cigarette smoke, I was ready for something purifying. Midway through swallowing all of that, I realized I'd mistakenly taken whipped cream topping for the rhubarb (very yogurt-looking). I felt bad about wasting what I'd taken, so I topped off my bowl with yogurt and finished that off with cereal and fruit. Added two hard boiled eggs, and half a cinnamon bagel with cream cheese, tomato and onion, and whew - now my stomach hurts!

Posted on 4 June 2004 : 13:34 (TrackBack)
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