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Tuesday, 1 June - link

glorious confusion!

hah! more confusion! site now has three panes! probably looks crappy on narrow monitors. probably broken in your brother's web browser! definitely doesn't work on mobile devices, not www.links.net.

But there's more here, you see! more! More panes, more panels, more content!

There's now THREE different mobile-oriented content sucking mechanisms - mobile cartoons you may already know. Now, add,

Mobile Notes


Moku - poems!

Down the middle, the longer feed, what I think when I'm sitting at my computer.

The Moku and Notes are what I'm observing whenever I'm in range of my mobile phone signal. My mobile device got a small keyboard; big enough for me to spill briefly. Taking notes on conversation, or isolating a moment in words. Now Treo technology allows me to pump this page full of prose and poetry from wherever I roam!

And this site Links.net now has a total of 13 nested weblogs, six of which appear on the front page; three mobile weblogs, a weblog of recent writings, the center column, and the picture in the upper left. Besides that, seven more throughout! Huzzah! *wipes foam from the corner of mouth*

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