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Saturday, 5 June - link

drive present and future

I woke up a man, in the west and now the south. My name was the same but my skin rippled darker. There was no indoor protection from the sun, save for friends who had no walls but still roofs to share. The roads wind strange unstraight, mistaken time is traded for flat space knowledge. Filling my head with a new city what remains but the leather in hand. Every day exploration, the familiar is found and found again. It is me. Here. What binds can not be seen. What touch is not physical? Memory of new space, rewritten, tongue on paper, roof of mouth shelter for silence. Stranger spared the chance to mingle, words kept close. So we see the sunlit streets all share through screens and they have fewer homes than men who live on them. Drive past, drive past.

Make the wander the way. Lazy stupid footprints find followers. See these tracks? Catdick cutup crazy - only sand, reformed by the coming water pulse. Can't pump the chest too hard, or bones crack and we breathe blood. Kindly share air with me. This many humans make filth. We sit together and see it. How could we grab for seating space empty around us? Stretch out and fingers to the sky give me an answer. I'll share it with you, shhhh.

We will yet see the sea absorb us. Lust and hunger meet plain yogurt. Is it walking or forward momentum that matters? Local streets' stoplights show human endeavor, freeways demonstrate the halting arc of progress. Smile at a passenger in another car. The imp of speed plays leapfrog. No success without failure. Maintain a better world through measured worsening. We can live in privilege alone. The horizontal space calls reckoning. Boy lays with woman, himself. Ears pierced for play. All soul is decoration.

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