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commentson 2 June 2004 : 10:43, james sez:

C'mon Justin, as a member of the digerati, don't you have some kind of responsibility for making your site work better - not worse - with Opera?

Right now, I'm forced to view it in user mode, which really doesn't do it justice.

commentson 2 June 2004 : 12:38, Lee P. sez:

Joi and Justin appear in this CNN/AP story:

CNN article

commentson 2 June 2004 : 18:13, Bijli sez:

Yo yo yo, this doesn't work in Opera 7.50 at all! Fix it or else

heh heh

commentson 3 June 2004 : 06:53, nori sez:

yay, now in a font i can read with galeon! too bad the comments are still illegible ...

commentson 3 June 2004 : 07:09, Mark sez:

Yeah the whole opera problem get on my tits too. grrrr

commentson 3 June 2004 : 07:52, cm sez:

If only your main page looked as good as your mobile pages. Simplify. Something you should also probably do with your life (shouldn't we all).

commentson 3 June 2004 : 08:12, justin sez:

I use Mozilla normally, and IE once a month. I just downloaded Opera - we'll get to the bottom of this!

If anyone has any suggested fixes or design changes, I'm all ears! How can I fit all that information on the front page in a different layout? Maybe that's the point. I can't fit all that information on the front page. Humph!

commentson 3 June 2004 : 08:25, justin sez:

Okay! I think I fixed the front page display problem in Opera. A misplaced /div!

I may not have solved the ugly/cluttered problem tho - if you have any ideas, post 'em up!

Thanks for your patience.

commentson 3 June 2004 : 10:08, Howard sez:

>How can I fit all that information on the front page?

There's a hint about the source of your ugly/cluttered problem.

Have you asked yourself WHY you need to fit all that information on the front page?

commentson 3 June 2004 : 10:26, Liz sez:

I prefer link access to the extra stuff. I find it more pleasing to the eye and less overwhelming to the brain. I have extras on my blog, one click and you can see them. It works for me.

BTW, nice article on you and Joi.

commentson 3 June 2004 : 15:43, James sez:

Woohoo! is Opera-enabled!

Thanks Justin.

commentson 3 June 2004 : 23:05, Jim sez:

This site is ugly as heck. But it's readable, in a chaotic kind of way.

I far prefer it to the pretentious "designer" sites with their tiny fonts, their illegible light gray on white backgrounds, the stupidly minimalist feel.

Justin, since you downloaded Opera, try Ctrl-G on unruly pages - voila! All the ugly colors and fonts gone, replaced with your choice of readable options. It's the perfect way to read the world's purple and orange color-themed blogs...

commentson 3 June 2004 : 23:14, robin sez:

I'm not entirely sure I want to be reading your spastically-typed notes, as reported from your mobile device, in the heat of some conversation or other.

Processing is good, as is white space. Time to ponder, consider, reflect - what happened to all that zen game you were talking three months ago, my friend?

Are you on a quest to provide a never ending stream of real-time data to an already overloaded public? What's next, a live feed from you back molar?


commentson 4 June 2004 : 00:20, justin sez:

ouch! ah! ooch! oo - stop that! don't!

- the feed from my right, bottom, rear molar - heat and cold beverage sensitive.

commentson 4 June 2004 : 00:43, manga sez:

justin...your ADD is showing again.

commentson 4 June 2004 : 01:39, Mark sez:

Glad to see it opera friendly now.
I agree with Robin. Take time to think it through before presenting it and reduce the clutter.
But stay with the text based site with minimal graphics, its a nice change from all the flash you spend hours waiting to download these days.

commentson 4 June 2004 : 07:57, witz sez:

Think of it this way: not everything you do (and you seem to do a great deal) is important enough to warrant being on the front page of your website. If you enjoy, you don't mind clicking on links...

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