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Saturday, 17 January - link

an effort

I'm making an effort to stay close to home, clean up, get healthy, exercise, relax, read, get ahead on things. Conservative, you know? Taking care of myself.

Here are my tentative upcoming travel dates:

New York City: January 30 - February 5
San Diego: February 8 - February 13 (Emerging Technologies Conference)
London: February 24 - March 2
Chicago: March 2 - March 7
Austin: March 11 - March 17 (South by Southwest: Interactive)
San Jose: March 22 - March 25 (Game Developers Conference)
Georgia: March 26 - March 28 (Cumberland Island)

Today I went through my calendar, blocked out my travel dates, and fit in every possible Aikido class I could between my upcoming trips.

Posted on 17 January 2004 : 17:42 (TrackBack)
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