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Wednesday, 31 December - link

writing like packing

I've got a rule about packing. Always pack the night before. No matter how tired/drunk/late it is or you are. Pick up everything and put it in your suitcase before you go to sleep. Save the morning for a final check. If you have that luxury. As too often happens, your luggage will be grabbed just before the quick dash out the door when you realize you woke up too late.

Same with this writing assignment. I'm tired. I'm posting on my web site. Hard to focus. But before I can go to bed, I've got to have a decent draft done. Something I could dispatch with a reasonable amount of pride. Then I can wake up, spiff it just a bit, and mail it without having to re-enter the total research and writing zone, reinitializing my databanks and filling my frontal lobes with all the facts of this particular subject. I can just read my piece for writing and flow, taste last night on tomorrow's tongue, and make it smooth before dispatching my piece and heading into the rest of my day.

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