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Tuesday, 30 December - link

Next Trip: AVN

A friend at the dojo this morning asked when my next trip was. It feels so long from now, but it's only a week and two days. I'm going to Las Vegas for the Adult Video News Awards - the Oscars of porn I'm told.

Looking back through my rolodex I realize I know a few people who are explorers in the sex industry. When I was at South by SouthWest a few years back, I volunteered to be a web mentor so people could come ask me questions. Only one person signed up - Jenn Ramsey, who was just leaving a life as a married office worker to invest fully in HiddenSelf, a site sharing her erotic experiences. We had a fun conversation; she showed me pictures from a porn convention party. I've been to a lot of events before, but I must say I expect this one to be somehow different. I'll have a chance to study another side of desire and technology more deeply. I'll have to find somewhere to write about it.

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