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commentson 31 December 2003 : 01:30, James sez:

Interesting idea, "writing like packing." When I am at my most productive, I adopt a philosophy somewhat like that. "Do the hard stuff tonight, so I don't have to worry about it tomorrow."

This idea you've proposed seems to be a viable strategy not only against procrastination, but also against perfectionism -- and perfectionism, I believe, is the bane of any writer's career. By deciding "I will produce something I can dispatch with a reasonable amount of pride," you're battling that perfectionist tendency -- and pushing ahead with your work. Getting it done.

commentson 31 December 2003 : 09:54, alison sez:

Sorry, completely off topic, but I received and watched my "Home Page" video yesterday. You seemed a bit twitchy then, and appear to have mellowed quite a bit over the years. I have to ask you just one thing...Are you still able to give yourself a blow job? Take those skills to AVN and run with them!

commentson 31 December 2003 : 21:06, brad sez:

"on 31 December 2003 : 09:54, alison sez:
Are you still able to give yourself a blow job? "

According to Ron Jeremy, that ability was instrumental to him getting into the industry

commentson 1 January 2004 : 03:21, Pete Barr-Watson sez:

I was about to empathize with Justin's preference to pack, and write, at the last minute; although before the last minute, so to speak... I was going to write about how it was that I always take the same view and generally, in writing and packing, follow the same pattern. I had identified common ground.


I cannot give myself a blowjob. I just tried... So, you see, there's less common ground than I had first envisioned.

Safe travels Justin.

commentson 14 January 2004 : 08:02, syko sez:

when i was in junior skool (!) i kinda gave meself a blowjob. i still try now a n again, but its more difficult now. so Justin i know wot u feel like. Does this make me queer or gay, does size matter? because at last measurement it was nearly 8 1/4", fully erect, no joke.
as for the packing !!! DO IT LIKE JUSTIN !!!

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