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Wednesday, 17 December - link

ratzin fratzin

gol durn it I just can't stop being sick. I've cancelled travel - all I do is sit around my house. I get like seven or eight hours of sleep each night. I'm taking vitamins daily. I eat at least two meals a day. What more, I ask, do I need to do to shake this cold?

Maybe leave the computer. Sleep more than eight hours. Drink more fluids. And eat more regularly.

A step towards that today - I made chicken soup. But a little bored of my old recipe, I added jalepeno, cilantro, spearmint, lemon and ginger to the mix. And, a half a bottle of Fat Tire Ale. So it's a spicy beery soup and it tastes like health to me. Come on chicken beer soup, work your magic!

Posted on 17 December 2003 : 22:39 (TrackBack)
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