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commentson 17 December 2003 : 23:25, Lee sez:

Well, at least here in the bay area we don't have the weather making it even worse. I also grew up near Lake Michigan (in Indiana) and went to college in Boston, and I swear I had a nagging cold or flu for at least 1 month of every winter.

I'm sure that makes you feel better, right? Get well soon, bro...

commentson 18 December 2003 : 10:30, Joao Paglione sez:

I think your body is telling you something. Maybe you should rent a cabin in British Colombia and write that novel you were talking about. Or maybe not even that, maybe you should just relax. I know I need to.

Take care and Best Regards!

commentson 18 December 2003 : 10:41, Dim sez:


There is no connection with the subject, but do you know where I could get the documentary featuring justin young and long-haired ? (I guess it is "home page")

I remember I saw it a long time ago, at midnight on one of our obscure TV channels in France, and it sparked off my interest for the web.
I would be glad to see it again, so if you know where I could find a copy of it, let me know !

commentson 18 December 2003 : 10:49, Liz sez:

This is a bed time of year for colds and the flu. Lot's of peeps are sick. Bed rest is the best thing you can do. Just take it easy. When I travel now, I carry one of those anti-bacterial cleansers in my bag, and use it often. Washing hands is a great way to prevent a cold.

commentson 18 December 2003 : 11:47, Jon sez:

Did you get a flu shot? Seems to have helped me so far. Travel is a killer for colds.
As far as that request for HomePage, I think it is available on

commentson 18 December 2003 : 12:28, alison sez:

i just bought the "Home Page" documentary off of
Should be really interesting to see a "live" Justin. This is a boy I have been following by moniter only for years and years. He'll talk! He'll move! Merry Christmas to me.

commentson 18 December 2003 : 12:52, justin sez:

Hah! Merry Christmas! I haven't watched that movie in years. Years! I was 21 then. "Yesterday's Clarity is Today's Stupidity." It's a lifelong project for me to forgive myself and the director for the oogly feelings I get watching that film - a sort of discomfort as my loud memories struggle to match the volume of the truth displayed onscreen. It's unannotatable. And so it stands as one man's record of a time in my life. The meandering half-satisfying feeling of the film matches the nature of writing online, actually. It's quite accurate in that way.

And I'm grateful it exists - my friends and me, in that brief arrangement we were in. Such heady times! I think as I get older I'll look more and more fondly on the experience. But for now, I'm not looking much at all. I remember Jane was shocked and a little pissed off when she found out about Home Page - we'd been living together for months. "You were in a movie, and you didn't tell me?" It didn't come up, was my reply. It didn't seem relevant.

commentson 18 December 2003 : 13:19, Judy sez:

Maybe it is time for a family viewing night once again!
I don't know if I have ever seen it straight through. We do have a DVD player now......

commentson 18 December 2003 : 13:53, justin sez:

Hah! A DVD version! I don't think one exists.

I could propose to Doug Block, the director, that we would watch the movie and record our impressions, and then send the recording to him for a actor's commentary on the DVD edition! That would be entertaining. And he could include the outtakes.

I would enjoy that but I'm not sure if he wants to revisit the film, or if the time put into a DVD of Home Page would pay off in terms of sales.

commentson 18 December 2003 : 14:50, alison sez:

So as an outsider who has never met Justin Hall in the flesh, should I assume the movie is a fair representation of who you really are (or at least were), or should I keep in mind the whole way through that it was years and years ago, and you were portraying some other Justin for the camera?

commentson 18 December 2003 : 15:09, Weisel sez:

Justin, I've been reading your column for a while. But I always have this reoccuring thought: Why don't you go to grad school and get a Ph.D? I am sure you would be an asset to some program and later to some university. I don't think you can wash this out like this for a couple more years... I mean this in the best possible way.

commentson 18 December 2003 : 18:06, Fleischman sez:

You said, "Maybe leave the computer." And with that, you hit the nail right on the head. I recommend hopping on the bike and tooling about town for awhile. You do have a bike, don't you?

commentson 18 December 2003 : 23:26, Judy sez:

I will settle for a vhs version
Yes, why not go to grad school? Before you get too old.
I could have both of my favorite young-uns at Stanford.

commentson 19 December 2003 : 06:27, Dim sez:

Hi all,

Thanks for the link.
102 minutes of Justin is worth $20.
But to see you explaining that you had to cut your hair because they were becoming mouldy, it has no price :)

(caution, colors of the Howard Rheingold's shirts could damage your TV)

commentson 19 December 2003 : 14:44, Witold sez:

The solution is simple.

You need to excercise. It has to be _regular_ excercise and it has to be _streneous_.

Anything aerobic that will get your heart rate up to 70%-80% of your max, 5 days/week, will help quite a bit. Combine it with regular anaerobic exercise regiment and you will be set.

You will still get colds/etc, but your body will be in much better shape to defend itself, and when you become sick, it won't feel half as bad.

commentson 19 December 2003 : 14:50, Fleischman sez:

Cool, Richard Simmons reads too!

commentson 19 December 2003 : 17:11, C(h)ristine sez:

that flu is killer! I had it last month -- a whole month to finally be rid of it.

Take good care of yourself -- liquids, rest, a good amount of DVDs and other home-based entertainment!

commentson 19 December 2003 : 18:01, rushkoff sez:

Everybody has it, Justin. NYC is plague-ridden.

Feel better, soon!

commentson 20 December 2003 : 00:17, denise sez:

just be easy on yourself. i have been in your position and sometimes the stress of wanting to get better and not can contribute to prolonged illness. also, give yourself time, even if you're feeling better. it's tempting to over do it because you think you're feeling better - only to relapse.

commentson 20 December 2003 : 09:08, Howard sez:

I would prefer to crawl over broken glass than watch Home Page again.

I wonder if the filmmaker ever figured out that his wife was thinking, in that scene where her eyes fill with tears: "Doug...I love total schmuck."

commentson 20 December 2003 : 23:28, ron sez:

I think old justin needs a guided meditation and then ought to head off to grad school for four or five years.

Also, No one mentions the idea that old justin needs to get back with Jane to feel better.

commentson 21 December 2003 : 13:57, Taylor sez:

"Also, No one mentions the idea that old justin needs to get back with Jane to feel better."

Wow, I would pay to be a fly on the wall for that.

commentson 22 December 2003 : 08:36, Abbe sez:

My prescription for Justin's health is MORE YOGA! And a host of other remedies that I already sent in an email.

Justin will likely hate graduate school but in the long run, it will do him good if he can find the right program and the right mentor in that program that gives him enough intellectual and creative freedom.

And as far as Home Page goes, all copies should be put in a time capsule and sealed for at least 100 years. Then it will be a cute and quaint artifact of an unusual time.

Meanwhile, Eve is also dying to see it. Perhaps Judy and Eve can do a screening while Abbe, Justin, and Howard go somewhere to lose consciousness for awhile.

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