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Thursday, 13 November - link

my regrets

Ethan/Amy/Jesse, sorry I was going to come to your party/house/event this coming week in New York. But I still have bumps on my head - the vestiges of Shingles that remind me of deep pain or searing potential. My still swollen lymph node has me lingering closer to home than I have in years. So while I have relished the chance to date to maintain our friendship across country and ocean, I can't keep up with the demands of bicoastal friendship this month. I hope you will excuse my absence, I'm sure your wonderful friends/roommates/partygoers will largely obliterate my absence. I will raise a solitary glass of whiskey/wine/beer in your honor, and look forward to the next time we might gather/talk/poke fun.

Posted on 13 November 2003 : 17:20 (TrackBack)
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