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Friday, 14 November - link

take a deep breath and delete

is it always better to hold back angry words? to temper anger? to wait, count time and breath and moderate your expression? to de-escalate?

i guess the question is, what do you hope to win? but that's rational. sometimes you just want to express so much screaming venting fury and frustration and give someone back all that anger and sadness they've laid in your lap and slapped up in your face and i can't imagine what i'm supposed to do with all this smash feeling i have now! oh shit i could list grievances like all the ghosts risen out of hell to write history in chains. you would see them burn on your screen and they would be my healing balm for the five seconds surrounding the moment i hit send. but then it's all sadness. all of it. mourning for that which brought humanity together, the red thread that binds us and now turns our limbs, our otherwise happy fingers purple. lack of circulation from this red thread!

is anger mourning? to pour all sadness and frustration into specific words? keep them to yourself i guess, hold them close to your heart, blackened by proximity to spitting heat. or share them so you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you've burned a wide trail through your painful past. all those bullshit do-gooders with their positive-speak-praise are just ignorant to the power of wrath - to excoriate wicked sinners as i see them and send them back into their sputtering spiral they inhabit alone, away from the destruction they've wreaked upon my peace of mind.

ahhhhhhhh. i'm going to take a deep breath and delete.

Posted on 14 November 2003 : 14:54 (TrackBack)
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