Comments on my regrets
commentson 13 November 2003 : 18:46, Taylor sez:

>>"But I still have bumps on my head - the vestiges of Shingles that remind me of deep pain or searing potential"

I think it is still the emotional pain from a woman.

I feel for you brother.

commentson 14 November 2003 : 10:15, Howard sez:

Look on the bright side, Justin: At least the painful bumps are on your forehead. If you know what I mean. And I think you do.

(Hi Egg!)

commentson 14 November 2003 : 10:33, justin sez:

Wrinkle in this - the same day I was planning to skip NYC, I was just invited to the book launch party of a book I contributed to . That was a project I enjoyed! Maybe that should be enough. But so many occasions in one weekend? I feel called to.

RE:PLAY Game Design + Game Culture Publication Release Party and Wireless Game November 22, 2-6pm

Please join us at Eyebeam Saturday Nov. 22 for a celebration of game design and game culture.

From 2-4pm play Noderunner. a team-based game created by Eyebeam artists in residence Yury Gitman and Carlos Gomex de Llarena. Noderunner is played on a city's open wireless network which turns home and business distributed wireless spillover into a playing field as teams dash through the city looking for open wireless ports to which they connect to and map to gain points. Noderunner was recently awarded the Golden Nica for Net Excellence at the 2003 Ars Electronica Ferstival. Teams will leave from Eyebeam's exhibition space at 2pm and participation is limited so please reserve your spot by emailing

From 4-6pm join editors Eric Zimerman and Amy Scholder for a party celebrating the release of Re:Play: Game Design + Game Culture, Eyebeam's latest publication. Re:Play brings together game designers, new media artists, interdisciplinary curators and players in a debate and conversation about technology and design, gaming addictions, geek subcultures, the aesthetics of violence, gender transgressions, the erotics of gaming, and the business of play, capturing the zeitgeist that is digital games. User friendly and fully illustrated, Re:Play includes a comprehensive game glossary.

Comprehensive game glossary - that's what I contributed!

commentson 14 November 2003 : 10:45, alison sez:

hmm, is howard's "egg" referring to amy by any chance? rekindling perhaps, or have i let my imagination get the best of me?

commentson 14 November 2003 : 11:20, justin sez:

rekindling? Alison's rekidding. Amy's a wonderful gal and I hope we're friends for the rest of our lives. I think we've realized we're not destined for totalizing life-making partnership. She's got herself a new man and I've got myself!

commentson 14 November 2003 : 11:43, alison sez:

what can i say. work is boring me, and the imagination has a life of its own!
Have fun with yourself Justin! (But be careful if those shingles are anywhere remotely near your hands...)

commentson 14 November 2003 : 12:51, souris sez:

justin, i know you should stay put, but if you hop on an airplane (because you can't help it), we are two blocks from the event. your bed is ready when you are!

commentson 14 November 2003 : 13:39, alex sez:

you're also gonna miss colin's soviet soiree saturday night justin. technically it's a birthday party for his russian roommate, but it looks like it's going to double as a mini gx reunion as well. it's a shame you can't make it man.

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