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Saturday, 25 October - link


organizing myself : making myself an organization

I am a freelance writer, a speaker, a planner, an information architect and an advisor. My professional life is made up of projects, coordinated between dozens of individuals in a few different countries.

I am currently able to do about 90% of the work I have accepted. Through juggling, I am able to pass all my tests, so to speak. But in order to perform with the kind of excellence that I aspire to, I need to adjust the way that I work. If I can do good with the projects I have underway, there are more projects waiting in the wings; I thrive on media connections between disparate communities.

I'm imagining an internship - someone who wants to learn how to do this kind of work. How to be a freelancer, how to work the network to share media. Someone who wants to have a hand in making things yet-undiscovered.

Help me with web production. I send you a document, you make a web-ready layout including photos drawn from search terms and a few choice in-line links (like I did for this article).

Help me research. I email you a concept or a link, you google it down and write it up. That blurb, under your name, ends up online somewhere.

Help me promote. I'll give you email addresses and URLs for interesting people, you write them letters on behalf of an idea or article.

What do you get in return? Professional and personal contact with creative people and new media projects. Writing and web work feedback from a veteran online correspondent. Stimulating assignments and odd drudgery - insight into the life of a far-ranging freelancer. A framework for a fledgling media professional. Maybe even money if you need it, and if your work helps me make money faster from home.

I don't care if you don't live in my city, state or country (though that might be nice). Just live on the internet. Interested? Impress me: justin at bud dot com.

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