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Thursday, 23 October - link

filthy, cluttered

I haven't showered since Korea. Two days ago? I would shower, but I'm busy. Working - cranking, making webthings. It feels good! Even better since I found Room Full of Mirrors online (saved me having to rip it from LP), now playing on repeat. Now if I could just stop scratching my head - a phantom itch is turning into something irritated; I haven't cut my nails since Tokyo.

That and I managed to go to Aikido again. A morning session, in the middle of my work day. I woke up at 3am, put on my aikido robes and sat there for five hours until class started. Still haven't changed clothes. So work indicators are favorable; personal hygeine is in the early conceptual stages. I did scrub the kitchen down today though; that's cleaner than I am.

All this comes up in part because I have a houseguest. Actually two. I knew I'd be gone for about three months this fall, so I needed someone to roost in my home machines. Writer Austin is staying here, between apartments. With his cat, and all of his possessions. He wrote me email a few days before I came back:

Just to warn you, there's a slight problem with my stuff. Basically I had more stuff than I anticipated, and it's kinda filling up your house. ... it currently looks like one of those hyperspace accidents where one space ship appears inside another, and everyone dies.
I tend to give a lot of slack to people who make me laugh; most people make me laugh. Austin makes me laugh. And he makes me want to clean the kitchen - about the only room in this hobbit-warren house where half-empty suitcases and boxes filled with papers aren't overtaking human seating and resting places.

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