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Monday, 22 September - link

Seeking Translation

I snuck out with Alan to see "Lost in Translation" - an excellent tale of traveller bonding and romance between fast friends. The film is set in Tokyo, which makes it like memory for me. Jane explores these issues in her review for Chanpon.org: Nothing Lost in Translation. I posted my reflections in the comments. Great film! Well recommended. I love Bill Murray. Pretty faithful to Tokyo, the experience of landing, feeling distance, and looking for love.

Now I'm headed back, with Jane. We're experimenting with some independence these days - she seems to work better when I'm not hovering overhead with my own deadline loads and particular anxieties.

Right now I'm pretty fucking excited to be going to Tokyo again. Each time I return I know more people. Either Tokyo is getting more crowded, or the Tokyo Game Show has become a relevant place for world traveller convergance.

It's late, and my brain is drained. Instead of packing and writing today, I went luggage and supplies shopping. I'll be on the road a month - Howard convinced me to ditch my regular cotton boxers in favor of Ex Officio travel undergarments and Woolite. Three pairs in rotation, wash in the sink, they dry in four hours. What the heck - trimming my road load. Stuffing that into a new Briggs and Riley suitcase. Built tough, with attractive features. I wonder if it costed too much? "Don't skimp on tools" (howard). I travel once a month for at least a week!

Projects? Serious Games Newsletter with Ben from Digital Mill. New article up on TheFeature about new game-ready mobile phones: New Devices, Same Games. Covering the Tokyo Game Show for Game Girl Advance. And covering the World Cyber Games for the South China Morning Post, again. Last year I had a great time following the fourteen year olds on the Hong Kong team; fancying myself a sports reporter I saw their character reflected in their play style. Anyone have any gossip on them?

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