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commentson 23 September 2003 : 09:47, Christine sez:

ex officio undergarments are _the_ best! i started wearing them while backcountry camping, and now i prefer them as my everyday undergarments (maybe too much information?).

commentson 23 September 2003 : 10:52, Jason McCabe Calacanis sez:

I saw LIT last night. It was very well done (acting, dialogue, ending, setting, etc). If you want to see where it came from rent Ikiru by Kurosawa. In that film you have a similar relationship between an adult in a mid-life crisis bonding with a younger girl. However, there is more to the Kurosawa film then LIT and they are still very different.

Justin, rent it: or I'll loan you my copy when I see you.

best, Jason McCabe Calacanis

commentson 23 September 2003 : 13:07, Luke sez:

"La Dolce Vita" is also a good companion movie, and I don't think it's mere coincidence that it's playing somewhere in "LiT."

commentson 23 September 2003 : 18:56, Jason McCabe Calacanis sez:

I found LDV at but Netflix doesn't have it.... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Have you guys seen HERO? I just found out about it and I'm ordering it from China on EBAY.

best jason

commentson 24 September 2003 : 00:35, nekkid sez:

Hero was pretty blah. Incredibly pretty to look at, but no substance.

commentson 24 September 2003 : 17:53, Liz sez:

Love the undies Justin. I have a thing for white cotton nightgowns. When you find something that is soft and washes nicely, ya gotta love it.

Have a great time in Japan. I hope Jane has time for quiet reflection while there visiting. Take lots of pics Justin, I love your pictures. I still think that should be your next book.

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